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Frontline Operator
Precision Press Titanium

The Tuff-Writer pen was designed to be the toughest pen out there, period. It is built to withstand blistering cold, intense heat and any kind of harsh environment an operator is bound to encounter.

The thixotropic ink in the hermetically sealed cartridge and pressurized to nearly 35 psi lasts three times longer than a standard ballpoint pen. With an estimated shelf life of 100 years, the pen writes at altitudes up to 12,500 feet where most other pens simply won't. Best of all, no matter how harsh the conditions your Tuff-Writer will work with operating temperatures from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (-35 to 120 degrees Celsius).

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The Multi-color flame-anodized Finish:
Every pen has its own unique striping in a variety of colors.

The High-Polished Finish:
These are by far the most time consuming. After de-burring and ceramic tumbling for 96 hours each pen is painstakingly hand-polished to a mirror finish. These really are something special.

The Hand-Brushed Finish
: Hand brushed to achieve a directional textured look.

The Tumbled Finish
: Right off the machine then tumbled and deburred for a smooth and aesthetic finish. A titanium classic.
Generation Two Black Frontline sanitized pen. Precision Press Series Gray pen
Precision Press Series - PURPLE
Our Price: $95.95

Precision Press Series - BLUE
Our Price: $95.95

Precision Press Series - Green
Our Price: $95.95

Precision Press Series Purple pen Precision Press Series Blue Pen Precision Press Series Green pen
Precision Press Series - Pink
Our Price: $95.95

Operator Series - GREEN
Our Price: $95.95

Precision Press Series - RED
Our Price: $95.95

Precision Press Series Pink pen Operator Series Green pen Precision Press Red pen
Precision Press Series - BLACK
Our Price: $95.95

Precision Press Series Black pen Gen2 Frontline Series Midnight (Shorty) Next Generation - no knurling on body
Operator Series - BLUE
Our Price: $89.95

Operator Series - PINK
Our Price: $89.95

Precision Press Series - RAW
Our Price: $85.95

Operator Series Pink pen Precision Press Raw pen
Original Frontline Series Stealth (Long)