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Please welcome the newest member of the Tuff Writer family: The Mini-Click. A little lighter, but just a durable and well built as everything else we make.

Like the larger Precision Press Pen it is entirely modular with each component being easily replaceable and built to last a lifetime. The pen utilizes an all metal body machined out of 6061-T6 Aluminum. To make for a beautiful and seamless look the pen tip is also machined out of aluminum and the mating seam is hidden by an o-ring groove. A clip, pressed out of spring steel and coated for durability and corrosion resistance, helps keep the pen securely fastened and close at hand. Instead of a spacer the pen uses a 2-56 screw threaded into the refill to adjust spacing and allows the pen to accommodate of multiple cartridges ( any Fisher or Parker sized refill). The Mini-Click also uses our now famous 416SS machined advancing mechanism with a two piece bearing-cam design for silky smooth operation (so smooth, it doesn’t even "click"). Finally for grip and comfort, the pen body has removable contrasting black Duron o-rings which assist in maintaining a positive grip on the pen when you need it most.

What makes this pen different from the Precision Press Pen?
The differences are subtle but striking. First off, the pen is smaller than many other pens and yet it still fills the hand and balances perfectly for writing. It also fits easily into any pocket or pen sleeve. In addition, the Mini-Click is significantly lighter helping to make it both more comfortable to carry and to write with for long periods of time.

What makes this 416SS mechanism so special?
Mostly the material choice and time consuming manufacturing process refinements. Virtually all high-end pen mechanisms are made from brass and plated (easier and cheaper to manufacture but not as durable as ours), we decided to go nuts and machine it out of 416 stainless steel (a much harder and more durable material). This meant we had to have it Swiss-CNC'ed which, while more costly, means we can hold much tighter tolerances (less than .0005" all day long on the Citizen L-20). The G-Code programming done by our friend's shop re-traces the race toolpaths to debur all edges, taking more time but it also means that the chrome steel bearing glides smoothly and the mechanism cycles like butter. It's much more expensive and time consuming to make it this way but it really is pretty awesome. Plus, the 416SS and chrome steel will wear better and last much longer than plated brass. It's complete overkill for a pen mechanism but hey... if you're going to make one, might as well go all out, right?

Isn't all of that a lot of work?
We put a lot of work into every one of our pens. They are all finished and assembled by hand and made right here in Phoenix, Arizona. That's why we back them with a lifetime guarantee, because we make them to last a lifetime.

What refills do the pens take?

Any Parker compatible refill, including:

- Parker GEL or QuinkFlow
- Franklin-Christoph Ultra-Glide
- Schmidt Easyflow 9000
- Schmidt Pressurized
- Schmidt Private Reserve P900
- Fisher (Space Pen)
- Foray Rollerball
- Montevered Soft Roll
- Penatia
- Visconti

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Mini Click - RED
Our Price: $85.00

Mini Click - BLACK
Our Price: $85.00

Mini Click - BLUE
Our Price: $85.00

Mini Click Pen in Red
Mini Click Pen in Black
Mini Click Pen in Blue
Mini Click - GREEN
Our Price: $85.00
Mini Click - PURPLE
Our Price: $85.00

Mini Click Pen in Green
Mini Click Pen in Purple