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There's a reason that the Tuff Writer Operator pen is the tactical pen all others are judged by and compared to, it is quite possibly the finest screw-on cap tactical pen made.

The size of this pen allows it to fit into virtually any shirt pocket. A little shorter and a bit thicker compared to the full-length Frontline pens the Operator is also little easier to carry discreetly.

The Operator pen uses the Tuff Writer acid-etched satin finish with non-marking surface treatment which helps minimize fingerprint marks and reflection off the pen. Compared to normal tactical pens it has been strengthened with increased wall thickness and made to withstand nearly 750 PSI before deforming. The cap has a synthetic insert to allow it to snap on the back of the pen while writing while the removable powder coated clip is even tougher than before ensuring that your pen stays right where you clip it for when you need it.

If you prefer capped pens, this is the one for you!