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The new Retro Click design is both timeless and elegant. Smooth in look and in function with an elegant and functional machined titanium clip. There are a lot of cool pens, some of them made out of titanium, available out there. Nice pretty pens with cute little clips. Ours is not one of them. Everything about our pen screams over-designed, over-engineered and over-built. It's a "clicky" pen with a body and tip machined out of solid titanium, a pen like no other.

Looking for a specific Retro Click variation but don't see it here? Check out our dealers that might have what you are looking for:
Monkey Edge
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Retro Click Series - Polished & Flamed Titanium Retro Click Series - Brushed & Flamed Titanium Retro Click Pen - Aluminum
Polished & Flamed Titanium Retro Click: Mirror polished then flamed finish over solid titanium. Brushed & Flamed Titanium Retro Click: Hand brushed then flamed finish over solid titanium.
The Retro Click Initiator Run.